3 Reasons to Hire a Local Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer

ocala personal injuryAnyone who has ever been in a car accident can tell you that it is a horrible and disorienting experience. Your mind struggles to take stock of what just happened. Am I OK? Are the occupants of the other car OK? What do I do now? Questions that need your immediate attention start piling up.  When the car finally comes to rest and you find yourself in a situation where someone has caused you harm, it may seem like an open and shut case. The law should be on your side, right? Unfortunately, seeking compensation for your injuries often isn’t as simple as you might think.

According to Fires (Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System) there were 4,431 crashes in Marion County in 2015 alone, 1,989 of those resulted in injury. Finding a local lawyer that specializes in personal injury law will be the key to your success. Luckily, there are several firms to choose from if you sustain a personal injury in Ocala. These professionals are experts in navigating the sometimes obscure legal procedures in personal injury cases. It can be a complicated, lengthy undertaking preparing a successful case! You will want someone knowledgeable in Personal Injury law and having someone local will bring an added depth of understanding to your case. Not to mention, being in close proximity will make things easier on you when attending consultations and all the following proceedings. Here are three good reasons to pick a local Ocala personal injury Lawyer:

  1. Experience working with the other party and their lawyers.

If the roles were reversed and you found yourself faced with a legal case brought against you, you would seek legal counsel to help defend you. The other party in your personal injury case is no different. This means that you will be facing an experienced attorney retained solely to oppose your case.

Hiring local legal counsel boosts your chances to collect the settlement you need. An experienced attorney will know how to counter the tactics the other party’s representation may use, and what procedures they’ll utilize to stop you from winning a monetary award. Ocala Personal Injury lawyers will likely have an established working relationship with the opposing lawyer giving them a valuable and unique perspective on the working style and personality of the attorney fighting against your case.

  1. Knowledge of important deadlines.

Every jurisdiction has their own procedures regarding legal proceedings. Deadlines for serving the other party and the statute of limitations which can prevent you from filing your claim are important to be aware of.  An Ocala Personal Injury attorney will have firsthand knowledge of Marion County deadlines that will be important to your case.

  1. Negotiating a fair settlement.

A trial takes a great deal of resources, time, and can be highly stressful. There are often long waits and a considerable amount of worry. Depending on the complexity of factors involved in your case, the outcome may not even be in your favor. AllLaw.com explains how some personal injury cases in Florida will never see the inside of a court room due to Florida No Fault Car Insurance Laws. AllLaw.com states, “You can’t hold the other driver liable after a car accident in Florida, unless the “serious injury” threshold is met.” So, negotiating a settlement before trial could help you avoid this uncertainty, as well as all the time spent steering your case from its first motion to the final verdict.

An Ocala Personal Injury attorney will have experience with local judges and opposing attorneys which will give them a bigger picture on your case’s chances of success. They will know the precedents surrounding comparable cases and the verdicts they received.

If you have sustained a personal injury in Ocala, find a local lawyer that has an established reputation, has a good standing in the community, and is willing to give your case the personal attention it will need to make sure you get fair compensation for your suffering.

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