Medical Malpractice Trial Over Jennifer Sidari’s Death Ends in Settlement

When California’s Dr. Jennifer Sidari suddenly died of a brain hemorrhage in 2013, it was tragic, but when it was later revealed that her death was a result of a systemic breakdown in her medical care, her family was outraged. It didn’t take long before they decided that the only way to ensure that no one else fell victim of their much loved, brand new doctor was filing a medical malpractice claim.

At the time of her death, Sidari was only 26 years old. Prior to becoming a part of Geisinger Health System and casting her eyes on the hospital’s pediatrics residency program, Sidari attended The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton where was considered one of their brightest graduates. Everyone expected her to go far in the medical field. No one expected that less than 2 months before she was to begin the residency program that she would pass away. Experts in her field feel confident that had she lived, she would have earned millions working as a doctor.

medical-malpractice1Her death was officially ruled as the result of complications from a neural blood clot. In 2014, her grieving parents determined that the hospital had not provided the expected high level of care their daughter deserved and filed the lawsuit against Geisinger Medical Center in Danville

Although the hospital maintained that they’d done nothing wrong, the defense felt that had head imaging scans been taken sooner, the hospital might have been better able to determine the exact nature of Siari’s medical crises and may have been able to save her life.

The case was filed in Luzerne County and assigned to Judge Lesa S. Gelb. The case was expected to go to trail, however the judge released the 12 individuals who had been selected to serve as a jury for the case. Before a settlement was reached, the jury had heard both side’s opening statements and some witness testimony. Up until the dismissal, it was anticipated that the trial would last several weeks, during which time, the jury would listen to the testimonies of hundreds of witnesses. When she dismissed the jury, Gelm announce that the lawyers manage to reach an undisclosed settlement and concluded the case outside of the courtroom. The settlement amount was undisclosed.

Attorneys on both sides of the case are reported to be very pleased with the settlement, though no one is willing to comment on the settlement amount, terms, or what sparked a sudden resolution to come about.

California wrongful death Attorney Drew Warren hopes the settlement encourages Geisinger Medical Center to be more diligent about their medical practice so another family doesn’t have to experience similar tragedy. “While this settlement won’t help the family bring back their daughter who was on the cusp of a promising career, I hope that the settlement encourages Geisinger Medical Center to evaluate their current practices and take measures to make sure a future patient doesn’t share Dr. Siari’s tragic fate.”



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