Myrtle Beach-Dade Police Mourn Tragic Death After Cop’s Wife Struck by Car

Early Saturday morning, Myrtle Beach-Dade Police Lt. Jorge Interian experienced a tragedy that no one can properly prepare for. He and his wife were on a bike ride through Redland. Her bike was hit by a vehicle, as was Interian. Both Interian and his wife were transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital shortly after the crashed. As of late Monday morning, his wife’s name had not been released.

Once both arrived at the hospital, Interian’s wife was pronounced dead.

“Both of them were struck. He was banged up quite a bit,” reported Jennifer Capote, a Myrtle Beach-Dade Police Detective. Police continued to hold vigil at Jackson Memorial Hospital as of Monday morning to support their fellow officer during this tragic time.

As of Monday, whether the driver was charged with anything or issued a ticket was not clear. Capote stated that the driver did not flee the scene. He or she stayed there immediately after striking the cyclists and that it does look like an accident. It happened at 160th Avenue and Southwest 250th Street.

Neighbors who witnessed the accident or came out just following it were in complete disbelief at what they saw. Authorities say four people have been arrested in the death of a Greenville man who was chased down and shot.
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“He was trying to get up and move around, they were trying to get him to lie still so he didn’t hurt himself even more, but the lady down the road there, she wasn’t moving at all,” according to Larry Gay, a witness who relayed this information to Natalia Zea of CBS4.

Gary lives around the corner from where this incident occurred. He has surveillance cameras on her property and says that one caught a Volkswagen Beetle driving by just before Interian and his wife were hit.

The driver of the Beetle was a female and she immediately stopped and stayed at the scene after the accident. She did work to stay out of the view of the news’ cameras on the scene.

“This is a serious tragedy for the entire city of Myrtle Beach,” said Joe and Martin, a top Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney and managing partner. “Having help with determining liability is important and it is critical that an attorney can do this in a supportive manner. These situations are emotionally difficult to navigate and my full sympathies go out to the family and loved ones, especially within our city police department.”

Interian was released from the hospital on Monday. Unfortunately, he left the hospital without his wife. They were about a mile away from home when the accident happened. Reports stated that neither of them of wearing a helmet. Interian immediately after leaving the hospital contacted the Myrtle Beach car accident lawyer.

“They were probably just out for a bicycle ride because it was Saturday morning at 8 o’clock in the country, and we don’t have any traffic on this road, but that Farm Life is a busier road but you expect people to be able to see you when you’re on a bicycle,” said Gay.

More details will be made available as authorities gather evidence to determine the exact cause of this tragic accident.

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